Business Debit Cards

Like having a plastic check.


Be safer

You can now change your debit card PIN anytime by phone!

Learn more about Pin Now.

Earn CURewards® points

With CURewards, you earn reward points on every purchase you make with your LFCU Business debit card. When using your Business Debit Card, to earn points, select "credit" for all purchases.


Langley Visa® Debit Cards with Rewards

Each time you use your LFCU Business Debit Card, the amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your Checking account. In fact, the LFCU Business Debit Card is better than a check, because your debit card is accepted at places where your check may not be.

How to apply for your LFCU Business Debit Card

1.   Download application (PDF)

2.   Fill out, print, and return to your nearest branch location for processing.

- or -

3.   Mail your completed application to:

Langley Federal Credit Union
Attn: Support Services Department
P.O. Box 120128
Newport News, Virginia 23612

Debit Card Advantages:

  • More accurate spending records.
  • Your Checking account statement lists point of purchase information instead of just a check number.
  • No more fumbling to write a check. Just swipe your card and the check is written.
  • More convenient — no worrying about who has the checkbook. Your debit card is your checkbook.
  • Dual use — your debit card can be used to withdraw money at the ATM.