Commercial Loan FAQs

Questions about Commercial Loans


Frequently asked questions about commercial loans

Are new businesses eligible?
Conventional loan eligibility requires three years of business history. Companies in operation less than three years, may be eligible for an SBA loan. Please contact Commercial Lending and we will help you find the right financing.

Is there a minimum loan amount?
Currently the target minimum loan amount of $25,000 exists for both conventional and SBA loans. For requests under $25,000, financing options are available such as the Business Credit Card.

What are the benefits of an SBA Express Loan?
SBA Express Loans, including Export Express, feature a revolving Line of Credit provision with interest only payments, fast turnaround, and a more streamlined process.

What is the interest rate?
Rates can be fixed or variable depending on the product. Plus, at LFCU rates and repayment options are tailored to each individual loan.

What do I do if I need more information?
For more information on SBA loans, please refer to For assistance from a Langley representative, contact us directly.