Help — Langley Online Banking

1.What is Langley Online Banking?

Langley Online Banking is a secure remote account access service provided to our members through the Internet. Members enrolling for this service can view their accounts, make transfers between their share and checking accounts, make payments to Langley loans, credit cards, and perform other miscellaneous member services.

2.How much does Langley Online Banking cost?

Langley is pleased to offer this Internet account access service free of charge.

3.Is it difficult to learn to use Langley Online Banking?

No. Langley Online Banking is very easy to use. In most cases, you just point and click or fill in requested information.

4.How do I sign up for Langley Online Banking?

Enrollment for Langley Online Banking can be done in a few ways. You can apply online. You may also call the Langley Contact Center at 757-827-5328 or 800-826-7490 and have an application mailed to you. In the local area, you can stop by any Langley branch and fill out an application. After your application has been processed, Langley will assign a temporary password to you in person or by letter via the U.S. Postal Service. Upon receipt of this letter, you can immediately sign-on to Langley Online Banking.

5.How do I begin?

Once you have your account number and password, you are ready to sign-on. On Langley's homepage, click "Personal Login" or "Business Login". Please be sure to read the Disclosures and Frequently Asked Questions, if this is your first visit. If this is your first time using the service, you will need to configure your Safe2Connect settings — setting up your security questions/answers and your Security Key. The Security Key is a word or phrase known only to you that will prove you are on the true Langley Online Banking website. When you are finished entering that information, you will be asked to change the password that was given to you initially. When you accomplish that, you will be able to view your account information.

6.Where is Langley Online Banking access on the website?

You will find a Personal Login button and a Business Login button on the upper-left corner of the every page on our public website.

7.What days and hours can I use Langley Online Banking?

You may use Langley Online Banking anytime, day or night, seven (7) days a week. However, Langley Online Banking may be temporarily unavailable due to record updating, technical difficulties, or planned maintenance.

8.What if I forget my password?

If you forget your Langley Online Banking password, simply call the Contact Center. The Contact Center can reset your password over the phone. The next time you log on to Online Banking with your temporary password, you will be required to create a new password.

Your self-created password must be at least six (6) and no more than ten (10) alphanumeric characters in length. To prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, you should keep your password confidential. REMEMBER, NO REPRESENTATIVE OF LANGLEY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR LANGLEY ONLINE BANKING PASSWORD.

9.How do I change my Langley Online Banking password?
  • Your Langley Online Banking password protects your account. You should consider changing it periodically. Login to Langley Online Banking in the usual way.
  • Within Langley Online Banking, select the menu "Option / Change Password".
  • Simply fill in the information requested. Click the "Change Password" button to activate it.
10. Can I use special characters in my password?

Yes, most special characters can be used. There are 4 characters that cannot be used, they are: |(Vertical Bar) \ (Back Slash) @ (At Sign) , (Comma)

11.Can I email Langley with questions about my accounts?

No. Most Internet based email is not secure and therefore would be inadequate for passing sensitive financial information over the Internet. It is important for us to positively identify incoming member requests. Langley does provide a means for communication between members and the credit union concerning issues not related to their accounts. To locate this option, click on the 'Contact Us' link on the public website, and then select the appropriate email address or telephone number of the department you wish to contact.

Even better, you can use the Secure Messaging feature inside Langley Online Banking to send questions and get answers confidentially.

12.Can I view my checks online?

Yes, you can view checks online that have cleared your account. Checks are viewable for approximately 90 days after they have cleared your account. This service is free to members. Simply login to Langley Online Banking to view images of the checks you've written. Most check images are immediate, however, there are some exceptions:

  • Langley checks deposited at Langley will take 2-3 weeks for the images to become available.
  • If the merchant converts their checks into an ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits, those check images are not retrievable, since they are no longer checks.
  • If a check has an error, the image might not be available, depending on how the error occurred.

Some check images may not be viewable due to incorrect account numbers or checks that are damaged during processing. Members who do not have Internet access can continue to request photo copies. There is a $2.00 fee for processing, however Active Rewards members receive 10 free check copies per calendar year.

13.Can I make a transfer to my Langley credit card through Langley Online Banking?

Yes, payments can be made on your credit card by using the transfer function. Transfers are made to the CRCD account + the last 4 numbers of your card.



14.Why doesn't my credit card balance update after I make a payment?

Your payment must be sent to our credit card processor. It may take a few days for your updated balance to be returned and reflected in Langley Online Banking.

15.Where do my funds go after I make a payment to my credit card?

Your payment is temporarily placed in a holding account. It is transferred to the credit card processor around 5 p.m. each business night, and is posted the same day to your credit card account. Payments made after 5 p.m. will be applied the next business day, however, in some cases posting could be delayed due to holidays.

16. What are Langley Alerts?

Langley Alerts is a wonderful tool to proactively monitor your financial transactions and account status. When you set up an alert, you will receive an email or text message when certain transactions occur in your account. You'll feel more secure and be more secure knowing when activity occurs in your accounts within minutes of when it happens.

17. Do I need to sign up for Langley Alerts?

Langley Alerts is part of Langley Online Banking banking. After enrolling in Langley Online Banking, you can begin setting up your Langley Alerts. From within Online Banking, select the menu "Accounts / Langley Alerts" and follow the instructions.

18. What types of alerts are available?
  • Deposit Account Balance
    Set the system to notify you when the account balance exceeds or drops below a certain amount.
  • Loan Account Balance
    Get notified when the loan balance exceeds or drops below a certain amount.
  • Loan Payment Due
    Receive a message prior to your loan payment due date. This alert can be sent multiple times prior to a due date.
  • Direct Deposit
    Get notified when any ACH or payroll deposits are received into your selected accounts.
  • Checks Cleared
    Find out when any check has cleared or any check over a specified amount has cleared.
  • Certificate Maturity
    Get reminded when share certificates mature. Reminders can be sent multiple times up to 99 days in advance.
  • Check NSF
    Receive notification when there are insufficient funds in the account to cover a cleared check.
  • Automatic Withdrawals
    Get a message to alert you of the completion of automatic transfers like periodic payments.
  • Mortgage Payments
    For members who have a mortgage loan on the Langley system, this alert can send a reminder notification of payment due.
  • Share Account Transfers
    This alert will notify you when a Regulation D transfer has taken place and will track/remind you each month of how many transfers have taken place against the allowable limit.
  • Personal Alert
    Schedule to send a reminder message to yourself or a personal greeting to another person relating to an event such as a meeting, appointment, birthday, anniversary, etc.