What's New in Langley Online Banking

What's New in Online Banking


We're pleased to announce an enhancement to Langley Online Banking that includes a more modern look and a reorganization of key tools in the header.
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Multiple History View

Currently, when you want to see your transactions, you have to select a single account. Inside the Account History view for that account, you can quickly change from one account to another. Now, there's an even faster, better way.

Thanks to our Multiple History feature, you can select several accounts at the same time, and have all your transactions presented to you in a single report. Talk about a time-saver!
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Safe2Connect Bypass Code

Like most members, you've probably registered your own computers, but we've all encountered those unexpected surprises when the Safe2Connect Security Question pops up to ask you for the one answer you can't remember. Here's a better solution!

The new Langley Online Banking will email you a special code that will bypass the Safe2Connect step once, allowing you to complete your login and adjust your questions without having to contact a support person. Simple. Easy.
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