Green Practices

Elimination of notices

We constantly strive to find new opportunities to save our members' money and initiate environmentally friendly practices. By switching from paper to electronic account activity notices we accomplish both.

Notices that show transfers from shares or draws on lines of credit for the purpose of covering overdrafts and the payment of items through the use of Courtesy Pay will now be sent electronically. Members can now setup notifications that are timely and triggered by events that are important to them through Langley Link online banking.

There are many options available and a variety of methods to receive alerts. In addition, Langley sends a monthly statement to members with a checking account which details their transactions. As with all cost savings, this allows us to apply our financial resources toward better service offerings for our members.


LFCU proudly supports "Earth Friendly" products and practices. Here are some of the "green" things we are currently doing:

  • All cleaning products and practices are "earth friendly", non-toxic and FDA approved. We use environmentally friendly chemicals and substances for exterior asphalt/ concrete cleaning.
  • Interior and exterior landscaping companies use environmentally friendly products. Our landscapers use plants suited to this area, so they require less irrigation and pest control.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs and ballasts are used to reduce energy consumption. We also utilize a light bulb crusher which saves the products from the landfill, recovers the glass which can be recycled, and traps the mercury so there is no hazmat spill and earth contaminant.
  • Waste is recycled by taking trash to the landfill. All trash is sent through a recycling plant.
  • Energy efficient hybrid autos were purchased for the LFCU Fleet.
  • LFCU employs "green" building practices, ensuring that each aspect of construction/maintenance gives consideration to the impact on the environment and energy consumption. For some newer facilities, we even purchased "green" furniture, built out of bamboo or recycled material.

Plus, we offer a number of FREE services to save money and trees:

  • Free Online Banking
  • FREE Bill Pay*
  • FREE eStatements
  • FREE Langley Account Alerts
  • FREE Mobile Banking

By joining with many other responsible organizations and individuals in trying to do our part to make a difference, we truly hope that we are helping to change the world.

*Checking account required.