Langley Savings Accounts
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  • Savings

    A Savings account is the basic account that you, as a member, will have with Langley. Once you open your Savings account, you're ready to benefit from all the products and services offered at Langley.

  • Money Market Savings

    The Money Market Account combines high dividend rates with ease of withdrawal. If you keep bigger balances in your savings account, Langley's Money Market will help your money work harder for you.

  • Holiday Savings

    Find it hard to save money throughout the year for the holiday shopping season? Get ready for the Holiday Season, and the bills that come with it, by opening a Holiday Savings account today.

  • Youth Savings

    There's lots of options to get kids on the road to saving money. Teach your children the importance of saving early with the accounts and tools offered at Langley.

  • Certificates

    A certificate is a low risk way to invest your money. You tell us the amount of time you'd like to keep your funds on deposit, we'll give you a great rate!

  • Langley Saves

    Build wealth, not debt. Learn to save, establish self-sufficiency, reduce debt, and build wealth.