L@ngley Link eStatements

Keep your account statements from falling into the wrong hands

Lost or stolen mail can cause a great deal of worry, particularly when your personal information is involved. That's why we offer free eStatements.

Why choose eStatements?

  • Highly secure - eStatements are protected by the highest level of encryption available.
  • Delivered online on-time - eStatements won't get lost or stolen in the mail.
  • Accessible - View eStatements from the comfort of your home or office 24/7.
  • Savings - eStatements help save resources so that we can pass on more savings to you.
  • Environmentally friendly - Less paper saves trees!
  • Statement archive - Access up to 2 years of eStatements.

How do I enroll in eStatements?

  1. If you are not already enrolled, please enroll in L@ngley Link.

  2. Once logged into L@ngley Link, select the "Accounts" menu.

  3. Then, select eStatement.

  4. Follow the on screen steps to complete your eStatement enrollment.