Leigh's Coming to the Contact Center!

Set Up Your Access PIN Today

We're enhancing your Contact Center experience with Leigh! Leigh is Langley's Digital Assistant, designed to quickly get you the answers you need while reducing wait times. Coming soon, Leigh can help you access important account updates over the phone, like checking account balances or making loan payments.

With the addition of Leigh to our Contact Center, we will require all members to have an Access PIN for added security.

This PIN is important for obtaining account information within our Contact Center. To promote a seamless experience, set up your Access PIN now with our current Telephone Banking system, before Leigh's future enhancement. Already use Telephone Banking? Great news, Leigh uses your Telephone Banking PIN, so you’re all set.

To Set Up Your Access PIN:

  1. Call 757-827-9434
  2. Select 'Option 5'
    • You'll need your Member Number and Social Security Number.
  3. Conveniently Establish Your Access PIN
    • A best practice is to ensure that your Telephone Banking/Leigh Access PIN is different than any other PINs you have.

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