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Congratulations on your new car! We welcome you to Langley. As a new member, we outlined some next steps to make the most of your account.

Here's what you'll need to do

Register for Digital Banking

You can access your loan details and set up payments directly though Langley’s Digital Banking. To register, make sure to have your member number and other personal information so we can verify your account.

Schedule Your Payments

Set up a transfer from any Langley or external checking account to pay your loan in Digital Banking.

Update Your Insurance

With your vehicle loan at Langley, you’ll need to update your insurance information to list Langley as lienholder or loss payee.

Insurance lienholder information:

Langley Federal Credit Union, PO Box 921, Carmel, IN 46082

Upload Your Policy

Complete your upload through our third-party partner, My Insurance Info. Our partner may have sent you a reference ID to assist in uploading your policy. If you do not have a reference ID, you can still complete the upload without one.