The Langley Experience Survey

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The Langley Experience

  • Be kind, people come first
  • Do the right thing
  • Innovate, make it easy and deliver value
  • Together, we make a difference

At Langley, our teams are driven by the desire to provide The Langley Experience with each interaction. Our vision is to Improve members’ lives by helping them Save, Borrow, and Spend Wisely. We are constantly looking for ways to provide our members with the very best experience.

Your input has been valuable in helping us provide a better banking experience with your best interest at heart. To better serve you, we want to give you a new way to provide feedback, more regularly, about how well we are taking care of you and your family. That’s why we are excited to roll out an ongoing series of short surveys that will bring your voice even more closely into our organization.

The surveys will be distributed by email, focusing on your overall relationship and triggered by interactions with us. Each survey will take less than 5 minutes of your time and responses will be shared with all levels of our business. Depending on your activity, most members will receive one of these surveys once or twice a year on average, but no more than once per quarter.

Surveys may include questions about:

  • Your overall member experience
  • The experience you had joining the credit union, if you’re a new member
  • A new account or loan you opened recently
  • Your use of online or mobile banking, or interaction at one of our ATMs
  • A call you made to our Contact Center

We want to assure you that security is one of the top priorities at Langley. You will never be asked to provide any personal or account information in our surveys. Surveys will be sent by our partner, Medallia, on our behalf.

Your thoughts matter, your feelings matter, so let your voice be heard! We look forward to receiving your responses.
If you have any questions about these surveys, please email [email protected].