Savings Secured Loans

Secure your loan with your savings to improve your credit and lower your rate.

Instead of draining your savings account to make a large purchase, consider using that savings to secure a loan with Langley. Getting a savings secured loan is fast and easy and the rates are usually lower than store credit or credit cards.

Best of all, everyone qualifies for a savings-secured loan…even if they have a poor credit score. Whether you have an unexpected expense or want to eliminate high rate debt, a savings-secured loan is a smart option.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Savings Secured Loans from Langley

How does a savings secured loan work?

A savings secured loan is a loan that is secured by your saving account. Because the loan is secured, we are able to provide a low rate of interest, the share rate + 3%

What is the rate for a savings secured loan?

3.05%, which is the current savings rate (0.05%) + 3%.

When will my savings become available to me again?

Your savings will become available to you as you pay down the loan.

Can I talk with someone at Langley before I apply for a savings secured loan?

Our contact center has staff ready and available to answer your lending questions.

What do I need to apply for a savings secured loan?

You will need to have the funds in your savings account to secure the loan.

Is there a maximum loan amount for savings secured loans?


*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is variable and equal to the last declared Tier 2 savings dividend rate plus 3%. Approximate Term up to 144 months.