Document Notary Service

As a member of Langley, you have access to a commissioned Notary Public at any Langley branch or by virtual appointment at no additional cost. Whether in-person or online, schedule an appointment today!

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Please note: you must be a member of Langley Federal Credit Union to receive notary services.

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Langley follows State guidelines of notary services offered with the exception of services listed below.

Notary Services Not Offered

  • Certifying true copies of birth, death, or marriage certificates.
  • Certifying true copies of court issued documents.
  • Notary to I9 Form, birth, death, or marriage certificates.

Please call or schedule an appointment with us if you have any questions regarding Notary Services.

Looking for Medallion Signature Guarantee?

We provide signature guarantee services free of charge for our members at any Langley branch.

A medallion signature guarantee is different from a notary in that it requires thorough screening for authentication to provide the service. This is typically used for securities such as stocks and bonds.

Please note, you must be a member of Langley Federal Credit Union to receive medallion signature guarantee services.

Schedule (In Person Only)

A medallion signature guarantee must be completed in person to confirm your identity, signature and legal authority to transfer securities.

When visiting a branch for a medallion signature guarantee service, please come prepared with proof of the most recent 30-day statement showing stock/bond value and ownership. All owners must be members and be present to sign. Please note that under certain circumstances, such as a death claim/beneficiary or POA you will be required to bring additional supporting documents that affect ownership, along with valid identification.