The Langley Spend Account. Whatever You Want It To Be.

No overspending, no monthly fees, no overdrafts, no surprises!


Give your child the freedom to spend their own money responsibly. With the Langley Spend account, you can load your child’s Spend card with the cash they need for allowances or any other expenses they may have. Plus, there are no monthly fees and no surprises!


Level up your gaming experience by using the Spend account for your gaming subscriptions or app purchases!

Online Shoppers

Enjoy the convenience of Online Shopping! Use the Spend account for all online purchases and shop with confidence knowing that your information is safe and secure.

Learning to Adult

Say goodbye to overspending. With no monthly fees and no overdrafts the Spend account is great for young adults learning how to spend their money wisely!

It’s that simple.

Langley’s Spend account can be used for anything and everything! With the benefits you love, plus more you can rest easy knowing your money is safe with no chances of overspending!

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