Certificate Accounts

Just Like Bank CDs, Only Better

Save with peace of mind knowing that your money is earning great returns in a Langley certificate! At Langley, we offer some of the best rates on both short and long term certificates. Like with bank certificates of deposit (cds), you earn great returns while knowing your money is secure.

Terms are available from a short three months to as long as 60 months, allowing you to manage your savings plan the way that's best for you.

Just starting out on your long-term savings? Langley's 3-Month and 6-Month Certificates can add value to your savings with higher dividend rates than most savings accounts. Save with ease by creating an automatic transfer to this certificate to start growing your balance monthly and earn larger dividends. You only need $100 to start!

Our high rates get even better with a 0.10% APY rate enhancement for our Active Rewards members.

Fixed Rate Certificates

Rates include an Active Rewards rate enhancement of 0.10%.

Term APY [1]
3 Month 0.75% [3] Open Online
6 Month 1.50% [3] Open Online
12 Month 4.25% [2] Open Online
18 Month 4.50% [2] Open Online
24 Month 4.50% [2] Open Online
30 Month 4.50% [2] Open Online
36 Month 4.25% [2] Open Online
48 Month 4.25% [2] Open Online
60 Month 4.25% [2] Open Online
[1] Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Dividends compound monthly. Penalty for early withdrawal. Some restrictions apply. Rate subject to change.
[2] Minimum to open is $500.
[3] Minimum to open is $100.