Short-Term Certificates

Add Funds At Anytime

Our short-term certificates combine competitive rates with the flexibility to add funds anytime, perfect for achieving your short-term financial goals.

Term APY [1]
3 Months 0.75% [3] Open Online
6 Months 1.50% [3] Open Online
12 Months 4.75% [2] Open Online

Long-Term Certificates

Grow Your Investment Over Time

Secure and increase your savings with our long-term certificates, offering stability and higher returns for your future.

Term APY [1]
18 Months 4.75% [2] Open Online
24 Months 4.25% [2] Open Online
30 Months 4.15% [2] Open Online
36 Months 4.05% [2] Open Online
48 Months 4.00% [2] Open Online
60 Months 4.00% [2] Open Online

Just Like Bank CDs, Only Better

Save with peace of mind knowing that your money is earning great returns in a Langley certificate! At Langley, we offer some of the best rates on both short and long term certificates. Like with bank certificates of deposit (cds), you earn great returns while knowing your money is secure.

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