Help — Mobile Deposit

1. What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a remote deposit solution accessed using an Android™ or Apple smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Take photos of the front and back of your endorsed check to make deposits into your Langley account.

2. How much does it cost to use Mobile Deposit?

Langley does not charge any fees for using Mobile Deposit. However, your mobile service provider may charge you for data plan usage, so check your plan before you start using the service.

3. Am I eligible to use Langley Mobile Deposit?

Langley reserves the right to establish guidelines for participation in this service to reduce the risk associated with fraud. An example of this is that you must have at least two active accounts, and:

  • Be enrolled in Langley Online Banking
  • Be at least 13 years of age
  • The accounts are in good standing
  • No past due loans or credit cards
  • Not have caused a loss for the Credit Union
4. How do I access Mobile Deposit?

You must install the Langley Mobile App on your device, and be eligible to use this service.

5. What are the system requirements for using Mobile Deposit?

At present, Mobile Deposit is available on Android and Apple devices that meet the following system requirements:

Apple devices

  • Camera
  • IOS 5 or greater

Android devices

  • Camera with 2.0+ megapixel resolution and autofocus
  • OS 2.2 or greater

Blackberry RIM devices are not supported.

6. How should I endorse the check?

The back of each check must include the payee's signature. If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, we reserve the right to reject the check for deposit.

7. How many checks can I deposit using Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit as many checks as you'd like up to the daily maximum deposit limit. However, you can only deposit one check at a time.

8. Is there a daily maximum deposit amount?

There is a $5,000 deposit limit at this time; however, Langley reserves the right, at any time, to place limits on the amount of deposits it accepts from any particular member. These limits are structured either by:

  • The total dollar value of multiple deposits made within the same day by any particular member.
  • The total dollar value of any one deposit.
9. What type of checks can be accepted for deposit?

Checks may be deposited if they are single-party domestic checks made payable to:

  • the owner(s) of the account or
  • the name of the business

The following is a list of unacceptable items that may not be deposited using Mobile Deposit:

  • Checks payable to any person or entity other than you.
  • Checks drawn or otherwise issued by you on your Langley account, or any other person on any of your Langley accounts, or any Langley account on which you are an authorized signer or joint account holder.
  • Third Party Checks - Checks payable to someone else, endorsed and signed over to you.
  • Incomplete Items - Checks that do not contain signatures of the maker.
  • Non-Negotiable Items - The online deposit of any item stamped with a "non-negotiable" watermark.
  • Checks or items containing obvious alteration to any of the fields on the front of the check or item, or which you know or suspect, or should know or suspect, are fraudulent or otherwise not authorized by the owner of the account on which the check or item is drawn.
  • Returned Checks - Any check you deposit that is returned to us not payable as a result of insufficient funds, stop payment, or other related reasons.
  • Savings Bonds
  • Checks or items previously converted to a substitute check, as defined in Reg CC.
  • Foreign Checks - Any check that is issued to you and drawn on a financial institution in another country (Canada, France, etc.)
  • Checks or items that are remotely created checks, as defined in Reg CC.
  • Checks or items not payable in United States currency.
  • Checks dated more than 6 months prior to the date of deposit. Certain checks contain instructions such as: "Void 90 days after issue date". If no instructions are contained, then the check is stale 6 months after the issue date.
10. If I discover I've entered an incorrect amount for a deposited check, should I redeposit the check?

No. The check can only be deposited into Mobile Deposit once. If you entered the check amount incorrectly, please contact Support Services or call 757-825-7105 or 800-826-7490 ext. 7105

11. What should I do with my check after depositing it using Langley Mobile Deposit?

Upon the confirmation of the posting of the transaction to your account, please immediately label the check "VOID" or "Electronically Presented" (sticky note, etc.), but do not write directly on the check in case we have a need for you to redeposit it. Keep the check for 90 days and then you may destroy it.

12. Can I add funds to accounts other than Langley checking, or savings accounts?

No. The eligible deposit accounts will appear on your device once "Select an Account" has been clicked.

13. What is the maximum amount that I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?

With Mobile Deposit you can deposit a check written for any amount up to $5,000.

14. What should I do if I have a check for an amount that exceeds the limit?

Please visit a Langley branch or ATM to deposit checks written for an amount over $5,000.

15. When will my deposited funds be available for use?

Deposits are subject to the Funds Availability Policy guidelines for deposits made in person to one of our employees. No deposit is complete until we process it and collect the funds.

There could be times when the program may flag a deposit for manual review and release by credit union personnel (i.e., image is not clear when received at the Credit Union, etc.) The manual review process will occur on:

  • The same business day for manual review, items submitted before 3:00 p.m. EST, or
  • The next business day for manual review items submitted after 3:00 p.m. EST on a normal business day (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) or those submitted on a weekend or holiday.
16. The check I deposited was returned. Can I redeposit the check using Mobile Deposit?

No. A check can only be deposited once using Mobile Deposit. You will have to mail the check or bring the check into a branch to deposit.

17. How will I know if the deposit was accepted?

A success message will appear on your device.

Helpful Hints

Members should hold on to their checks for 90 days after they make a remote deposit.

All funds may not be immediately available after the deposit is made.

Below the endorsement on the back of the check, write your name. This helps us to better assist you should you need to bring the check to a branch for any reason.

When taking the check image:

  • Use in a well-lighted area, free of any clutter, to prevent shadows or poor image quality.
  • Keep hands clear of the check while taking the images to avoid pictures of fingers/hands.
  • Bright but indirect light is best. Placing the check too close to lighting sources may cause shadows.
  • Any surface of a solid color that contrasts with the check is best. Use a dark-color surface for light checks; a light- color surface for dark checks.
  • Use the green guidelines to properly zoom and scale. Make sure the entire check appears in the guidelines. However, you should leave space between the guidelines and the check, so the OCR software can better detect the edges of the check.

After taking the check image, ensure the following:

  • The front and back images are taken and are in the proper sequence.
  • The front and back images show the entire check. There should be nothing else in the images.
  • The payee name, dollar amount, date, MICR data (the characters at the bottom of the check), and other details are clearly legible on the front check image.
  • The back check image must have an endorsement that is clearly visible.
Error Messages

You may receive an error or warning message while capturing or submitting the check image. To replace the image(s) that are generating the error message tap the Back button to navigate to Step 2 (front check image) or Step 3 (back check image) and retake the image. You do not need to re-capture both images if there is a problem with only one of them. For image errors, it is REQUIRED to replace the image by taking a new photograph.

The following may be cause image error messages:

  • Folded Corners. The check has one or more corners folded or improper lighting has caused missing information at one or more of the corners. If the check has folded corners, fix the folded corners on the check and re-capture.
  • Excess Skew. The check image is not properly aligned. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
  • Image Too Dark. The image is too dark to allow proper reading. Increase the lighting and re-capture the image.
  • Image Too Light. The image is too light to allow proper reading. Decrease the lighting and re-capture the image.

If a check image consistently receives an Image Too Dark or Image Too Bright error, despite following all the recommendations to improve the image quality, you can use the brightness slider when taking the picture. The brightness setting lightens or darkens the image as it is being processed. Because of the way the images process, you should use the brightness slider after trying all other methods to improve the image.

  • Below Minimum Size. The check file size is too low. Re-capture image.
  • Above Maximum Size. The check file size is too high. Re-capture image.
  • Image Too Small. The check may have been too far from the camera. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
  • Image Too Large. The check may have been too close to the camera. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
  • Excess Spot Noise. The image contains pixels that affect readability. Re-capture the image.
  • Back Image Not in Scale. The size of the back image is not correct compared to the front image. Re-capture the image making sure to line up the guidelines correctly.
  • Phone camera needed. There is not a camera detected on the device you are using.
  • Access has been denied. Access has been denied to Mobile Deposit by Langley Federal Credit Union. Contact us if you feel you received this message in error.
Warning Messages

Image warnings appear when an important piece of information is missing or could not be read. If the information is not present or not clearly readable, recapture the image. However, if the information is present and clearly legible you may continue.

  • MICR Usability. The numbers (bank routing number, account number, check number) along the bottom of the check could not be accurately read.
  • Date Missing. The check date could not be located on the image.
  • Signature Missing. The payor signature could not be located on the image.
  • Payee Name Missing. The name of the check recipient could not be located on the image.
  • Payor Name Missing. The name of the check writer could not be located on the image.