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Deposit Checks Using Your Desktop Scanner

Now you can deposit checks into your Langley account from anywhere. Our deposit service accepts scanned check images using the same safe and convenient technology that powers our mobile deposit service.

Key Features

  • Deposit checks from the comfort of your home
  • Easier to deposit multiple checks
  • Support for hi-speed scanners for business
  • Ability to upload pre-scanned check images

System Requirements


  • Twain scanner or hi-speed scanner with Silver Bullet software
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Admin privileges (Windows)
  • OS X 10.6.6+ (Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox Not Supported

Mobile Device

Your device must be able to download, install, and run the Android or Apple app. Your device must also contain a camera for taking pictures of your checks and be connected to the internet at the time of upload.

Scanning Methods

  •  Upload: Manually upload pre-scanned images.
  •  Java Standard: Supports the Java-based scanning wizard for Twain-compliant scanners.
  •  Java Native: Uses the scanner's built-in Java-compatible screens. (Optional for Twain scanners.)
  •  Silver Bullet Ranger: Supports the ActiveX-based wizard for hi-speed scanners.

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  • For Java Native mode, Java 6.24 or higher must be installed. Java add-on, plug-in and script should be enabled. For Internet Explorer 8, set ACCEPT DIGITAL CERTIFICATE to ALWAYS TRUST.
  • For Mac systems, both Java and the Internet browser must be set to 32 bit. Java on Mac will not work with HP scanners.