Introducing Express Deposit

The new way to make deposits.

Langley Federal Credit Union invites you to use one of the most advanced ATMs in the world.

Express Deposit — our new ATM — is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. Flashing media indicators around every slot guide you through each transaction you make. Even in strong sunlight, the screen remains crisp and clear. The touchscreen is responsive.


  • Deposit checks and cash directly into the machine without an envelope!
  • Insert and remove your card immediately — no forgetting it in the machine.
  • Immediate access to your cash deposits.
  • An option to get a copy of your deposit for your records.
  • Compliant with ADA standards.

Express Deposit helps in other ways too. From its manufacturing, through its operation, and even to its eventual disposal, these units are built with "green" in mind. They consume less energy, eliminate hazardous materials, and reduce waste.

Members love it

Our first Express Deposit ATM was installed at the Denbigh branch. Branch Manager, Cathy Shields, says one of the first members to use the machine was so excited about it, she made her girlfriend get out of the car so they could try it together.

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