Langley Alerts

Receive the email alerts you choose, when and where you want them.


With Langley Alerts, pick the account alert you want, then set when and where you want to receive them. All you need is an email account or cell phone that accepts text messages.

Langley Alerts is an essential tool to keep you informed of changes happening to your Langley Federal Credit Union accounts. You'll feel more secure, and be more secure, knowing when activity occurs in your accounts within minutes of when it happens, instead of waiting days or weeks for a statement.

Start Now

If you're enrolled in Langley Online Banking, you can start Langley Alerts anytime online. Simply login and select "Accounts / Langley Alerts" from the menu. Langley Alerts is free and easy! Create your alert today!

If you are not yet enrolled in Langley Online Banking, enroll now!

Available Alerts

Choose any of the Langley Alerts you want. The following are currently available:

Deposit Account Balance When an account balance exceeds or drops below a certain amount.
Direct Deposit When any ACH or payroll deposits are received into your selected accounts.
Checks Cleared When any check has cleared or any check over a specified amount has cleared.
Certificate Maturity When Share Certificates mature. Reminders can be sent multiple times up to 99 days in advance.
Check NSF When there are insufficient funds in the account to cover a cleared check.
Automatic Withdrawals When automatic transfers, like periodic payments, are completed.
Share Account Transfers When a Regulation D transfer has taken place. This alert will track the number of transfers that have taken place each month against the allowable limit.
Informational Alert When LFCU announces a major event or money-saving promotion.
Personal Alert Whenever. Create a reminder for yourself, or another person, about any event, such as a meeting, appointment, birthday, anniversary.