Annual Report

A Proud Past. A Bright Future.

Langley Federal Credit Union has a "Proud Past... a Bright Future" and we're very excited about what lies ahead for our cooperative. We're proud of our history and the many milestones we've achieved along the way.

From our humble beginnings starting in the Great Depression with 25 NACA Laboratory employees depositing $1.00 each to cover the credit union's charter application fee, to today proudly serving more than 169,000 members - we've come a long way in our mission to help people achieve financial success at every stage in their lives.

Today, each of you can be proud to say you own one of the largest and strongest credit unions in the country. In fact, we rank as one of the Top 100 credit unions in the United States, a tribute to our members and their loyalty. Since 1936, we have continually grown and changed with the times and will continue on a forward-thinking, upward and progressive path to the future.

Regardless of our size and scope, rest assured that our commitment to serving members of all means will continue, and we will always stay true to the credit union tradition of "People Helping People".