Langley Card Manager App

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Card Manager places all you need to control, monitor, and safeguard your credit and debit cards in the palm of your hand.

With this app, you can:

View Account Details

Monitor recent and pending transactions

Make credit card payments

Lock and unlock your card

Set alerts and controls for your card

Peace of mind knowing information is safe & secure

Get the most from your credit and debit cards when you manage your cards with Langley's Card Manager.

Want help getting the most from this app? Keep reading to learn how to use its features.

Get Started

Choose your device, add your Langley credit and debit cards, and you're all set.

Start by visiting your app store and downloading the app.

Get the Apple iOS App at the Apple Store Get the Android App at the Google Play store.


Enrolling for Card Manager is simple! Once you open the app, you will be prompted with a welcome message and then can enroll by clicking the "enroll" tab on the initial login screen.

You will be asked to create a username, add your first card, and then fill out security information. Once complete, you can start using Card Manager to control, monitor, and safeguard your credit and debit cards.

Biometric Login

To activate Touch ID or Face ID, first ensure you have enabled Touch ID or Face ID in your phone's settings. Then, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the app and navigate to the main menu
  2. Select the edit button next to your username
  3. Activate the "Biometric Login" feature under your personal information

Manage Cards

View Transactions

To view your transactions, tap the card in the account summary screen that you wish to view transactions from. Card Manager will display all transactions in the past 31 days for debit cards, and all transactions in the past 90 days for credit cards.

Make Payments

To make a payment on your credit card, select the "Make Payment" option at the bottom of the Transactions Screen. From there, fill in the necessary account information, submit, and your payment will be made!

To set up payments, link your checking account of choice, select the date you'd like to process the payment, select the payment amount, then submit by pressing the "Make Payment" button.

Lock and Unlock Card

To lock or unlock your card, tap the "padlock" icon at the bottom of your card in the account summary page. If your card says "unlocked" and the icon shows green, you can use your card. If it shows "locked" and the icon is red, your card will block all transactions except for certain preset recurring transactions.

Controls and Alerts

In Card Manager, you can set both alerts and controls on your credit and debit cards.

Alerts are text messages sent to a phone number of your choice alerting you to a specific transaction on your card. Controls are restrictions you place on your card that block specific transactions.

You can choose which types of transactions trigger alerts or are restricted by controls based on the following options:

  • Location: Send alert when a transaction occurs outside a certain country, city, state, or zip.
  • Merchant Types: Send alert for a transaction from certain merchant types—Department Store, Entertainment, Gas Station, Grocery, Household, Personal Care, Restaurant, Travel, Age Restricted, and Other.
  • Transaction Types: Send alert for certain types of transactions—In-store, eCommerce, Mail/Phone Order, Recurring, ATM, and Other
  • Spend Limits: Send alert for certain types of transactions that exceed a certain quantity or dollar amount in one transaction or in one month.

Set Up Controls and Alerts

To set up controls and alerts, complete the following steps:

  1. From the account summary page, go to the main menu
  2. Select the notifications option from the main menu
  3. Activate the specific types of transactions you wish to send alerts or controls on.

If you have multiple cards added to Card Manager, you will have to select the card for which you wish to set up alerts and controls.