Make a Credit Card Payment

We know there have been many recent changes to your credit card account, and we want to help you navigate through these changes. Below is information that can assist you on updating any payments to your Langley credit card from another financial institution or through Langley's Online Banking.

Make a Payment from Another Bank

If you pay your Langley credit card from another financial institution, you will need to make sure the billing information is updated with your Visa account number. This is not your credit card number.

How to find your Visa account number:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Select your credit card under “Loans & Credit”
  3. View the “Details” tab
  4. Copy the 13-digit number listed under “Account Number”
  5. Use this number to update your Bill Pay or recurring payments made by another financial institution

We want to ensure your payments are made on time, so check the billing information on your recurring payment.

Make a Payment through Langley’s Online Banking

You can set up any external accounts in Online Banking for quick and easy loan payments.

How to pay in Online Banking:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click the “Transfers and Loan Payments” tab
  3. Under “New Transfer”, click “Add an External Account”
  4. Complete the required fields to add your account
  5. Once added, start a new transfer
  6. Select the new external account to pay from
  7. Select your Langley credit card to pay to
  8. Review all the payment information and click “confirm” to submit the payment

We provide additional resources to help you pay your credit card payment in our Online Banking.