Keep Your Spending Power

Langley's Flex-It turns your large purchase into an easy, manageable loan.

You recently made a large purchase on your Langley Visa credit card that can tie up your credit card - Keep your spending power with Flex-It.

Flex-It allows you to transfer your large purchase into a low fixed-rate loan with easy to manage monthly payments. Manage your purchase and free up your credit card in the process!

How It Works
  1. Review your eligible purchase sent to your email
  2. Accept the offer by logging in to Online Banking
  3. Funds will be credited directly onto your Langley Visa credit card

We offer a convenient, simplified process to accept this offer.

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No Application To Complete
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No Origination Fees to Pay
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No Credit Check Needed

Let's say you decide to buy a vacation package for $2,000. What a fun vacation!
But how will Flex-It help with this purchase?

Manage Your Purchase with Easy Payments

With Flex-It, you can spread your $2,000 purchase over two years with fixed monthly payments. Flex-it offers you the option to better manage your large purchase. Buy now and pay later with Flex-It.

Free Up Your Credit Card

Life can come with unexpected expenses. If your new vacation package ties up your credit credit, you may not be able to pay for your normal, everyday purchases or any emergencies. Freeing up your credit card will give you back your spending power.

Save on Interest

The Flex-It loan gives you a 14.99% fixed-APR[1] that does not change over the life of the loan. Save money in the long-run with a low-rate Flex-It loan.


What is Langley's Flex-It program?

Langley's Flex-It program is a loan offered to members with an eligible individual credit card purchase. Flex-It allows you to pay off the individual purchase over two years with a low, fixed APR and a fixed monthly payment.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Flex-It loan?

You will receive an email with details of your purchase and Flex-It loan terms. To accept the offer, log in to Online Banking and click on "Flex-It Loan" under "Your Offers".

Is a Flex-It loan part of my existing credit limit?

No. Flex-It works as a separate loan product and does not reduce your existing credit limit on your Langley Visa credit card.

How does Langley's Flex-It differ from a credit card balance transfer?

A Flex-It loan will have a fixed APR [2] that lasts for the duration of the loan and is repaid in fixed monthly payments. Balance transfers, on the other hand, typically offer a promotional APR [2] for a specified time and will transition to your Standard Purchase APR[2] once the promotional period ends. With no fixed term, you may be paying off a balance transfer for many years before your purchase is paid in full.

Can I pay off my credit card in full with a Flex-It loan?

If you are looking to pay off your credit card in full, we encourage you to apply here for a larger loan amount or a longer-term option. We will pull a credit report after the application is submitted.

How do I receive my Flex-It loan funds?

Your Flex-It loan funds will be deposited directly onto your Langley Visa credit card once you've signed your loan documents.

Do I still earn the credit card cash back rewards if I transfer my purchase to a Flex-It loan?

Yes, you will receive your cash back rewards on the purchase, even if you decide to transfer the purchase to a Flex-It loan.

How does my Flex-It loan appear on my Langley account?

You will see your new Flex-It loan details in Online Banking under your account information.

Is there a pre-payment penalty? Can I pre-pay my Flex-It loan balance?

There is no penalty to pay off your Flex-It loan balance early. You may pay off your Flex-It loan at any time before the end of the loan term.


[1] APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Annual Percentage Rate based on creditworthiness, so your rate may differ. Term for 14.99% APR is up to 24 months. Rates and terms are subject to change at any time without notice. A $1,000 loan at 14.99% for 24 months would have monthly payments of $48.