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What's New in Online Banking

Langley is rolling out a major update to Online Banking. Besides bug fixes, the update will introduce new features for members using their mobile device.

For mobile

  • The Transfer menu for the mobile apps and mobile browsers now includes two requested options: (1) setting up connections to other Langley members, so as to transfer funds to them; and (2) setting up connections to accounts members have at other financial institutions to make two-ways transfers to those accounts. Take a look!

  • Langley's mobile apps now support the management of "Unlinked" — or "Member-To-Member" — connections natively in the app. You no longer need to switch to the full site to create and manage these. As before, you only have to create these connections once. After that, they'll appear in your Transfer list. Take a look!

  • Members may also set up and perform transfers to their accounts at other financial institutions, through the External Transfer function. Take a look!

For the desktop

  • Two labels on the main navigation have changed. The menu "Bill Pay" is now "Pay a Bill". And the menu "Transfers & Loan Payments" is now simply "Transfers". Take a look!

  • In addition to the Quick Link to Langley's Bill Pay service, the "Pay a Bill" page now includes a special transfer form. Unlike the form on the "Transfer" page that allows you to transfer to any of your Langley accounts, the destination drop-down on the "Pay a Bill" form only contains your Langley loans, so you can pay all your bills from this single page. Take a look!

Langley's new website for mobile phones

Langley is pleased to introduce our new public website designed for mobile phones. Now members can access Langley Online Banking from their cellphone's Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, or any modern browser available for their phone.
Check out a few screenshots of the site.

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How to set up Text Alerts

Langley Online Banking delivers all kinds of alerts to members in several ways:

  • Through your Secure Messaging inbox

  • By email

  • By text messages

Watch this slideshow to see how to add your cellphone to the alert options, so you can receive Text Alerts.

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Tips for better Online Banking

Microsoft Edge: Have you upgraded to Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser? If you're a keyboard power-user, you may have discovered that typing your Online Banking User ID and pressing Enter no longer works.

There's a simple solution — press the Enter key twice!

Fast Balances: If you use the Fast Balances feature on our app, you may have trouble sliding the bar down without also sliding down your phone's navigation bar. If that's the case, we have an easy solution!

Don't slide the bar. Tap or double-tap it to open it. And tap it again to close it.

Members can now transfer balances from high-rate, non-Langley credit cards to any Langley Visa card within Langley Online Banking!

You want the best online banking experience — and it's here. We've enhanced our system to give you more features and benefits than ever... more security, better uptime, more control, and new ways to manage your money.

View the slideshow to see the navigation and new features. Click here!

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Watch it in full-screen mode!

Essential information for all members

Is my browser supported?

Langley Online Banking supports the two most recent versions of the following browsers: (Windows) Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome; (Mac) Safari, and Firefox.

What are the key features?

A few of the new features include

• New navigation
• Member profile information plus MICR # and Routing # displayed at all times
• More account information and loan details shown
• Credit card transactions now incorporated into the site - even on mobile
• Secure messaging with the ability to upload documents
• Quick Transfer tool on each page
• Transfer funds to and from outside financial institutions
• Set up your transfer information once and it will always be there
• Control access to your online accounts
• Personal Finance Manager tool
• My Virtual StrongBox (online safe deposit box for document and photo storage)
• Ability to reset password online
• Text Banking for lightning fast balances

What about my credit card information and statements?

You have full access to your credit card information and the ability to make payments. On the Transaction History page for your credit card, you'll see a green button under Account Details. That button links you to the full credit card site, where you can see your credit card information and statements.

What's really new?

My Virtual Strongbox. Like the name implies, it's a digital safe deposit box for all of your important documents and even photos. All online banking members get an initial 25MB of storage space for FREE, and can purchase more space later if needed. My Virtual Strongbox stores your personal digital files and even gives you control over who can access documents in your Strongbox. Read more about My Virtual Strongbox here.

How are transfers handled?

All transfers are integrated into one Transfer page, even Member-To-Member transfers. Once you set them up in the Transfer Setup panel, they are saved for future transfers. This set up process also applies to external accounts at other financial institutions.

Two-way external transfers?

Yes, to and from other financial institutions. However, this is one area of the system protected by enhanced security, so you'll have three options for completing the action: (1) Receive a one-time code via text on your phone, (2) Receive a one-time code by voice on your phone, or (3) Answer three challenge questions to verify your identity.

Did you say a code by phone?

Yes. Langley's mobile service is vastly improved. In addition to the apps, members can now use Text Banking.

After you register and confirm your mobile phone number, you're given a Text Banking phone number where you can text the word BAL, for example, and receive your balance in a text message. You can choose which checking, savings, or loan accounts to make available. Limitations exist for how many devices you can register -- although you control which devices are active -- and how many text requests you can make.

What about OFX Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is not currently supported. Members using Intuit products like Quicken and Quickbooks for either Windows or Macs can get Intuit's instructions for converting their data files from their current download method to one of the new options. Langley is providing those documents below. According to Intuit, Web Connect Express provides functionality similar to Direct Connect. Please refer to Intuit's information about their Web Connect Express service.

Essential information for users of Intuit software

If you use Quicken® or Quickbooks® to manage your transaction data, you will need to make some changes to your software in order to transition to the new system. Intuit and Langley are providing the following instructions to assist you!

For Windows users:

For Mac users: