Here's an example of some our changes:

  • Prime Share is now Savings
  • Super Share is now Money Market Savings
  • Term Share is now Certificate
  • Holiday Share is now Holiday Savings
  • L@ngleyLink is now Online Banking
  • CHIPS is now Telephone Banking

Name Changes Are Happening Now

We've changed some longstanding product and service terminology to simpler, more universally used names. Many of these terms have been used for years by members and business members, but it's time for a change so we're beginning the process of changing these names on our website, in letters, on statements, on brochures and in other places where they appear. It will take a little while to get all of these done, but please remember that we haven't changed the products at all, just the names.

Routing Transit Number (RTN)

  • 251480738
    Our routing number may also be found at the bottom of your checks.