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Here's What's New!

  • Advanced security
  • Real-time payments
  • Online check ordering
  • Quick transfers
  • External transfers to and from outside institutions
  • Personal Finance Manager
  • Text banking
  • Fast Balances on mobile
  • Virtual StrongBox feature

What's New in Online Banking:

Registration: Members need to register only once. If you used Langley Online Banking before April 14, you do not need to register at all. Simply sign in.

Signing In To The New Site: All members, including business members, may sign in to the new Online Banking site using the same Sign In field. It looks like this. Simply sign in with your Member Number and your current password as of April 14. Then set up your new Security Profile, and you'll be good to go. If you have any issues, please call the Contact Center at 757-827-5328 or 800-826-7490.

Passwords and Security Images: The first time you access the new site, you will be prompted for your current password. On that page, you will see a Security Image that has been randomly selected for you. Continue into the site by entering your password. Then, select a new image or keep the one chosen for you, but from then on, do not enter your password unless you see your Security Image. You can change your Security Image anytime.

Mobile Member-To-Member: Members can continue to perform transfers to other Langley members, as well as transfers to and from their external accounts at other financial institutions. In the current version of the mobile apps, these connections are established and managed in the full site, which members can access directly in the app. Once created, they will then be available on the mobile transfer page without needing to specifiy the destination again. See the step-by-step details on our How-To page.

Scheduled Transfers: Bill Pay schedules are not affected by this move to the new Online Banking site. However, we've made every effort to convert your other Scheduled Transfers to the new system. We recommend you check your Scheduled Transfers on the new site, and make sure they are correct.

About Changes To Your Online Settings: Member passwords and Scheduled Transfers were converted to the new system on April 14. If you made any changes to either after April 14, be aware that those changes were not converted.

Apple and Android Apps: Members will need to download the new Langley Online Banking app from the app store for your mobile phone. This will replace your current app permanently. You should delete the old app from your device.

You want the best online banking experience — and it's here. We've enhanced our system to give you more features and benefits than ever... more security, better uptime, more control, and new ways to manage your money.

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Essential information for all members

Where do I sign in?

Sign in on Langley's website in the same place that you've signed in before. We've replaced the former Personal and Business Member Number fields with a single field accepting your Member Number or User ID.

Is there be a separate login for Personal and Business?

No. All members now sign in using the same field. Langley business members are urged to use all of our support services, especially their nearby branch, for assistance.

Will I have to register again?

We intend to make your transition to the new system as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Most members can just enter their member number and online banking password to sign in to the new site. Members who changed their passwords or modified scheduled transfers after April 14 did not make the deadline for the conversion of those items.

Will my browser be supported?

The new Online Banking site supports the two most recent versions of the following browsers: (Windows) Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome; (Mac) Safari, and Firefox.

What about security?

You will encounter an enhanced security system to protect your member information. When you sign in for the first time, you will see a random Personal Image, a picture. Enter your password. You'll then have an opportunity to select your own Personal Image from a gallery of pictures, and set up the answers to three challenge questions. From that point forward, you should only see your selected Personal Image and picture caption, assuring you that you're on the official Langley Online Banking site.

Upon their next visit, most members can simply enter the site with their Member Number or User ID, and password. An extra layer of security may be triggered for certain transactions, but that's for your protection as well.

What's better?

Everything, including;

• New look and new navigation tabs
• Member profile information plus MICR # and Routing # displayed at all times
• More account information and loan details shown
• Credit card transactions now incorporated into the site - even on mobile
• Secure messaging with the ability to upload documents
• Quick Transfer tool on each page
• Transfer funds to and from outside financial institutions
• Set up your transfer information once and it will always be there
• Control access to your online accounts
• Personal Finance Manager tool
• My Virtual StrongBox (online safe deposit box for document and photo storage)
• Ability to reset password online
• Text Banking for lightning fast balances

Do I have to get a new mobile app?

Yes. The new Apple and Android apps are now available in the stores.

Is my Bill Pay affected?

Bill Pay accessed through the desktop site was not affected and is ready for your continued use. Bill Pay for mobile devices may have some differences in operation.

What about my credit card information and statements?

You still have full access to your credit card information and the ability to make payments. On the Transaction History page for your credit card, you'll see a green button under Account Details. That button links you to the full credit card site, where you can see your credit card information and statements.

What about Langley eStatements?

Your eStatements were carried over for your convenience. The link to access your eStatements is now part of the main navigation.

What's really new?

My Virtual Strongbox. Like the name implies, it's a digital safe deposit box for all of your important documents and even photos. All online banking members get an initial amount of storage space for FREE, and can purchase more space later if needed. My Virtual Strongbox stores your personal digital files and even gives you control over who can access documents in your Strongbox.

What else is new?

All transfers are integrated into one Transfer page, even Member-To-Member transfers. Once you set them up in the Transfer Setup panel, they are saved for future transfers. This set up process also applies to external accounts at other financial institutions.

Two-way external transfers?

Yes, to and from other financial institutions. However, this is one area of the system protected by enhanced security, so you'll have three options for completing the action: (1) Receive a one-time code via text on your phone, (2) Receive a one-time code by voice on your phone, or (3) Answer three challenge questions to verify your identity.

Did you say a code by phone?

Yes. Langley's mobile service is vastly improved. In addition to the apps, members can now use Text Banking.

After you register and confirm your mobile phone number, you're given a Text Banking phone number where you can text the word BAL, for example, and receive your balance in a text message. You can choose which checking, savings, or loan accounts to make available. Limitations exist for how many devices you can register -- although you control which devices are active -- and how many text requests you can make.

What about OFX Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is not currently supported. Members using Intuit products like Quicken and Quickbooks for either Windows or Macs can get Intuit's instructions for converting their data files from their current download method to one of the new options. Langley is providing those documents below. According to Intuit, Web Connect Express provides functionality similar to Direct Connect. Please refer to Intuit's information about their Web Connect Express service.

Essential information for users of Intuit software

If you use Quicken® or Quickbooks® to manage your transaction data, you will need to make some changes to your software in order to transition to the new system. Intuit and Langley are providing the following instructions to assist you!

For Windows users:

For Mac users: