Help — eStatements

1. What is the eStatement service?

Our eStatement service is a fast and easy way to view your Langley Federal Credit Union statements on a secure Internet site — for FREE! They replace the printed statements you receive in the mail each month. Your online statement looks similar to the printed version, and you can access archived statements for the past 24 months.

2. How much does it cost to use eStatements?

eStatements are a free electronic service provided for the convenience of Langley Federal Credit Union members.

3. How do I sign up to receive eStatements?

Login to Langley Online Banking. From the menu, select "Accounts / eStatement". Review the Terms Of Use. If you agree to them, you'll be taken to a simple enrollment form where you can configure the email address you want to use for receiving notices when new eStatements are ready. When you complete the form, you'll be enrolled, but you must validate your information.

Validation is simple. Langley will send a validation email to the address you configured. It will contain a special hyperlink which most members can simply click to complete activation. In some rare cases, you may have to manually type the code into a form on the Langley site. Clear instructions are provided in the validation email.

4. May I receive both a printed and an electronic statement?

No. You may only choose either a printed or an electronic statement, not both.

5. Do I have to be a Langley Online Banking user to view my statements online?

All members access their eStatements through the security of Langley Online Banking.

6. Will I receive notification when my eStatement is available?

Yes. You will receive an email to notify you that your statement is ready to view online.

7. When, during the month, will my eStatement be available online for my viewing?

Your eStatement will be available approximately the first week of the month. Langley will send you an email notification once your eStatement is online. eStatements are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. Will my electronic statement look the same as my regular printed statements?

Your electronic statement will look similar to your printed statement, and will contain all the information that you previously received by mail.

9. How can I review my eStatements for previous months?

We keep up to 24 months of statements online for you.

10. How will I receive the inserts that were included with my printed statements?

The graphics at the top and bottom of the current eStatement page provide links to the information you previously received as inserts with your printed statements.

11. Whom do I contact about statement discrepancies?

To resolve possible statement discrepancies, select the Contact Us link on this website, and email your concerns or comments to the Contact Center. For further assistance, call the Credit Union at 757-827-7200 or 1-800-826-7490.

12. What if I no longer want to receive my statement electronically? How do I stop receiving eStatements?

You may cancel your eStatement service at any time by clicking the link "Un-enroll from eStatements" within the eStatement site or by notification in writing to our Support Services Department, P.O. Box 120128 Newport News, Virginia 23612. Termination of service will be effective immediately when using the eStatement site "Un-enroll" option, or will be effective the first business day following receipt of your written notice.

13. How do I change my eStatement email address?

Connect to eStatements. List your available eStatements. Your email address is shown at the top of the page, along with a link that will take you to the function for changing it.

14. What kind of computer equipment and software program is needed for Langley eStatements?

You will need a personal computer with access to the Internet. The eStatement service currently supports browsers that conform minimally to the WCC HTML 4 standard. You will need a valid email account and email software that supports HTML formatted messages. You are responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of any software and your computer. The Credit Union will not be responsible for any errors or failures involving any telephone service, Internet service, software installation or your computer.

15. Can I print my eStatement?

You are able to print eStatements for your records, if desired. For best printing results, please set margins to 0.25" under the page printing properties for your web browser.

16. How is the integrity of my data maintained using Internet access with SSL protocol?

Langley eStatements use the industry standard technology and techniques to help ensure that your statement information is as secure as possible. These techniques include multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and the use of secure servers, which are designed to keep out potential intruders. The eStatements site uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt sensitive data prior to transmission over the Internet so it is protected from anyone attempting to read it in transit. Online log monitoring and analysis are conducted to detect break-in attempts and other problems. There is strong encryption between the client and Web server, as well as between the Web server and back-end systems.

17. I signed up for eStatements a few days ago and I haven't received my eStatement activation message. What could be the problem?

It is possible that either your email provider or the settings within your email software has handled the eStatement message as junk email.

For users of Microsoft Outlook® messaging and collaboration client:

Check Junk Mail settings in Outlook:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • On the toolbar, click Organize.
  • Click Junk Email.
  • Check the options you have selected for Junk Email organization.

To Make an Exception to your Junk Mail list:

  • On the Tools menu, click Rules Wizard.
  • In the Apply rules in the following order box, click Exception List.
  • In the Rule description box, click Exception List.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter the email address you want to make an exception for. In this case, the email is [email protected]

Messages sent from the email address you enter will appear in your Inbox as usual, even if the email address is part of a domain listed in your Junk Senders list. Any rules you applied to the domain will not be applied to this sender. If you feel that your email provider may be blocking the email with spam filters, please contact your provider to remove the block.

AOL Users:

To set up your AOL email account to properly receive email from Langley Federal Credit Union, you will need to access your AOL Mailbox and adjust the Spam Controls. You could also consider adding the LFCU email address to your Address Book or Buddy List.

18. If I give up or lose my Langley Online Banking service, what happens to my eStatements?

If your Langley Online Banking enrollment is terminated for any reason, your eStatements will also be terminated, and you will again be mailed regular paper statements.