Business Inland Marine Insurance

Protect property in transit

Inland Marine insurance began as a means to cover the transportation of goods over water. Over the years, it has expanded coverage to include goods in transit on land.

Today's business owners purchase it for those reasons, and for the following:

  • Buildings under construction
  • Computer equipment and data
  • Fine artwork
  • People's property on your premises
  • Speak with our specialists

To find out how your business can benefit from Inland Marine insurance, speak with a Langley Insurance Agency agent.

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Insurance products are not deposits of LFCU and are not protected by the NCUA. They are not an obligation of or guaranteed by the credit union and may be subject to risk. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding this relationship, you may contact the VA Office of Consumer Affairs, or the insurance department of your state. For information on how to contact them, you may call us.

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