How to Offer This Benefit to Employees


You can expand your employee benefits package by including the advantages of lifetime credit union membership with Langley Federal Credit Union. Many companies understand that offering a comprehensive employee benefits package to employees is vital in recruiting and maintaining qualified personnel. You can offer your employees credit union membership at no cost or liability to you. Credit union membership is a valuable benefit your employees will appreciate.

How To Offer This Benefit To Members Of An Organization

Offering LFCU membership to the members of your organization is an opportunity to add a valuable benefit at no cost to you. This benefit can then be shared not only with your members, but also with members of their immediate family and household.

Here's What You Do

Send an email to marketing(at) for additional information on how your company or organization can offer this employee benefit. Or, if your group includes 25 to 2,999 employees or members, you can complete the Online Information Form to initiate your request to become part of LFCU's field of membership.

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