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Congratulations on your decision to go to college.

Below you will find programs and services to help prepare you for college and all it has to offer.

FREE Checking Account

Perfect for college life. Perfect for you.

Langley offers students ages 18 and older FREE Checking. No co-signer is required. No minimum balance is required.

Plus, you can plug into all the great Langley services like free mobile banking, free bill pay, and free account alerts.
Langley's FREE Checking is available to college students of any age.

  • •  No minimum balance required.
  • •  No monthly service charge.
  • •  No co-signer required.
  • •  FREE Langley mobile*, Bill Pay**, and alerts.


* Depending on your data plan, you may incur a fee from your mobile service provider. Check your mobile plan before accessing your Langley account via your cell phone.

** Payments returned due to non-sufficient funds will incur a $30 fee each time the payment attempts to clear the subscriber's account. Checking account required.

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