Langley for your life

Langley Federal Credit Union is here at each important stage of your life to provide you with helpful tools and resources.

Managing your finances

The secret to keeping more of your money lies in controlling your expenses.

Losing a job

Making a successful career transition requires planning and action.

Retiring from work

Retirement offers you an opportunity to lead a more satisfying life.

Planning for retirement

Proper planning will allow you to live the retirement lifestyle you desire.

Paying for college

College costs are increasing at a high rate. It is important to understand the options available to help you plan.

Owning a home

Owning your home is often referred to as the great American dream. It is actually the best tax shelter going these days.

Starting a family

If you're having a new baby-congratulations! You're in for a lot of excitement and happiness, and a lot of work.

Passing on

Plan ahead to avoid complications, save money, and protect the people you love.