Opt-In to Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay

Return your completed form to Langley. That's all it takes!

  • Online:
    Use Secure Messaging in Langley Online Banking to upload it safely to us.

  • By mail:
    Langley Federal Credit Union
    P.O. Box 120128
    Newport News, VA 23612

  • By fax:

  • By email:
    [email protected]

  • To a branch:
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Courtesy Pay is a Langley service that allows you to cover a Debit card purchase when you unexpectedly find yourself a little short.


Here's how Courtesy Pay works: Imagine yourself at the grocery store checkout with a cart full of groceries. You swipe your Debit card and your transaction is denied.

What to do???

With Langley's Courtesy Pay, you don't have to worry because your Debit transaction will proceed smoothly. We'll cover your purchase, so you can be on your way. Nice, isn't it? That's why members have been asking for this service, and Langley is pleased to announce: It's available now.

What You Need To Do

Federal guidelines require members with Langley Debit cards to Opt-In to the service. Just get the Overdraft Services Consent form, and fill it out.

  1. Mark the circle next to "Add Coverage"

  2. Sign and date where shown

  3. Print your name and Account Number

Will this take the place of the overdraft sequence?

No. It will follow the regular overdraft sequence.

Once I Opt-In, can I ever Opt-Out?

Of course! You always have the choice. Simply modify the Overdraft Services Consent form with your new selection, or just deliver a signed notification to us in writing.

So, what about the fees?

If the amount of Courtesy Pay funds used is less than $5.00 ($4.99 or less), there is no fee to you. Otherwise, you will be charged the standard Courtesy Pay fee stated on Langley's fee schedule.