Debit & ATM Cards

Notice to members with MasterCard™ Debit cards

(April 2014) Langley will be converting all MasterCard Debit cards to Visa Debit cards in the next six months.

These new cards will have a bright red look, so you can find them easily in your wallet each time you make a purchase. Langley has chosen to only issue Visa cards. EMV/CHIP Debit cards are not available at this time. When activating your new card, you can easily choose your PIN by phone. You'll have thirty (30) days after you receive your new card to convert from your MasterCard to your new red Visa Debit card. We've made every effort to keep this transition smooth and simple for you. If you have more than one Debit card, you will receive a letter noting which card has been replaced with your new card.

Look for your new Red Visa Debit card to arrive sometime between April and September.

With a swipe of your LFCU credit or debit card, you can get quick cash, buy groceries, fill up your gas tank, shop online, or dine at your favorite restaurant.

Best of all, we have no monthly debit card fees!

A MasterMoney™ Debit Card is like having a plastic check

Because each time you use it, the amount is automatically deducted from your Checking Account. In fact, it's better. Your MasterMoney™ Debit Card is accepted at places where your check may not be.

Debit Card Advantages:

•  More accurate spending records.

•  Your Checking Account statement lists point of purchase information instead of just a check number.

•  No more fumbling to write a check. Just swipe your card and the check is written.

•  More convenient — No worrying about who has the checkbook. Your Debit Card is your checkbook.

•  Dual use — Your Debit Card can be used to withdraw money at the ATM.

An ATM card from Langley Federal saves you time

Using the ATM card allows you to save time by doing cash withdrawals and deposits at Langley's ATM without a fee.

ATM Card Advantages:

•  Withdraw cash with your account 24 hours a day.

•  Make deposits at LFCU ATM's.

•  Transfer funds between your accounts.

•  Obtain balances of your accounts.

•  Convenient locations of Langley ATM's.

•  Use your card at any ATM machine or merchant displaying the STAR, CIRRUS, MASTERCARD, ARMED FORCES FINANCIAL NETWORK, EXCHANGE, CREDIT UNION 24 and CREDIT UNION 24 HERE logos.

How We Can Help

Apply for a Langley Debit or ATM Card by downloading the application (19k PDF).

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Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a Langley service that allows you to cover a Debit card purchase when you unexpectedly find yourself a little short.

Express Deposit

Langley Federal Credit Union invites you to use one of the most advanced ATMs in the world.

Online Buying Protection

Langley credit and debit card holders can now enjoy added security when shopping online with Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode buying protection.

Planning to travel abroad?

Depending upon where you go, certain restrictions may be imposed on your credit or ATM/Debit cards.