Checking Switch Kit


Now You Can Switch With Ease

Use our Checking Account Switch Kit to make a smooth and easy transition to Langley Federal Credit Union's checking account services. This kit includes everything you need for a quick change.

Open up your new account

Your first step is to open your new account. Complete the Smart Checking Request Form (18k PDF) then fax, mail, or bring it to one of our convenient branch locations.

Switch Over your automatic transactions

Contact the companies and financial institutions that handle your automatic deposits and withdrawals. Send the Change Payroll Direct Deposit Form (17k PDF) to your employer's human resources department, the company handling your retirement or pension payments, or the Social Security Administration. Send the Change Automatic Payment / Withdrawals Form (18k PDF) to anyone making automatic withdrawals from your account, like a mortgage or insurance company. We'll be happy to assist you with either of these forms.

Close Down your old account

Leave your old account active long enough to allow outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. Leave enough money in place to cover these transactions. When you're sure the account is inactive, send the Close Account Form (17k PDF) to your old financial institution requesting any balance from that account. Then you can destroy your old checks, ATM/debit cards, and deposit slips.

For assistance, visit one of our branch locations or give us a call.