Constellation Club

Constellation Club: Where Langley kids play and learn

The Jean M. Yokum Scholarship

Langley is pleased to offer our annual award opportunities for graduating high school seniors. Four applicants will be selected to receive scholarship awards of $5,000 each. This year, applications must be postmarked no later than Friday, April 22, 2016***.

Where Langley kids play and learn

The Constellation Club is a free club benefit for all youth who have a Langley Federal Credit Union savings account. As a member of the Constellation Club, you're entitled to some very cool things, including:

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  • Free gift with accounts opened with $100 or more

  • Initial $5 deposit in Little Dipper accounts
    (ages 10 and under; some restrictions apply)

  • Credit Card **

  • Debit or ATM Card **

  • Checking Accounts **

  • Seminars and Events

Free/Reduced Admittance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a kid have an account at Langley?

Yes! In fact, Langley has several different types of accounts. Your parents will need to request one, but you can read about them here.

* Children 14 years & younger must be accompanied by an adult. IMAX, special exhibits & educational classes at additional charge. Does not constitute membership. Card cannot be used in conjunction with group rate. To claim free admission to the Virginia Air & Space Center, please present your Constellation Club membership card, not your Langley statement, as proof of Langley membership. If you have lost your Constellation membership card, send us a secure email or call 757-827-5328. We'll be happy to send you a new card.

** Age 21 and under require a qualifying joint owner.

*** Constellation Club members need to have maintained a "B" average or above - or equivalent assessment - in the current school year, and have made at least one deposit each quarter during the previous calendar year. Constellation Club Accounts need a minimum annual deposit total of $100. Scholarships will be awarded via mail. Employees of Langley and their families are not eligible for Scholarships.