Langley Saves

Build Wealth Not Debt

Langley Saves is a FREE program designed to help members learn to save, establish self-sufficiency, reduce debt and build wealth.

Who is a Langley Saver?

Anyone who agrees to work toward a savings goal such as home ownership, an emergency savings account, school tuition, retirement, or even a debt repayment plan. Langley Savers set a regular monthly savings goal of as little as $10 and try to save that amount every month. You can save wherever you choose, however Langley offers an account called the Langley Saves (S62) account that offers excellent dividends.

As a Langley Saver, you will receive:

•  Free informational and motivational workshops with strategies on how to save and build wealth

•  Free advice from a financial counselor

•  Free seminars by financial experts on topics like credit scoring, debt repayment, homeownership, and retirement planning

•  Subscription to America Saves quarterly newsletter

•  Free access to savings products with no fees

Become a Langley Saver

Step 1 Make a savings goal at

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Step 2 Open a Langley Saves Account.

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Langley Saves

An "upside down" savings account.

Get1.01% APY* on your first $500!

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*Annual Percentage Yield

Does this cost anything?

No. Membership in Langley Saves is free to LFCU members. Your only obligation is to develop a specific savings goal, select an account, make deposits to this account every month, and let us know that you are working towards your savings goal.