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Langley Saves

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The 52 Week Money Challenge

Save this PDF and follow its simple savings plan. In one year, you can easily save $1,000!

Build wealth while you earn 1.61% APY*

Langley Saves is a FREE program designed to help members learn to save, establish self-sufficiency, reduce debt and build wealth.

  • Look to set a regular weekly savings goal of $10, $20 or more and see your savings build over time.

  • Great for members living paycheck-to-paycheck, or the perfect way to help establish good savings habits for kids and grandkids.

Take the Langley Saves Challenge today and secure your financial future, save funds for college, buy a home or even repay debt with this unique savings program. Start now and see your savings add up!

*Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum to open is $5. The Rate applies to your first $1000. Rates subject to change without notice.