Change of Address

Change address

What we need from you

  1. Your name

  2. Your member number

  3. The new street address

  4. The city and state

  5. The zip code, preferably as Zip+4

  6. The date the change takes effect

The following information is optional but helpful, in case we need to contact you.

  • Your home phone number

  • Your work phone number

  • Your email address

Make the change in Online Banking

Simply select Settings & Alerts. In the "User Settings" panel, click the link "Change Address and Phone Number". That's it!

Change of address

Your residential address will be updated immediately. Some members also maintain a different address for mail and another alternate, or snowbird, address. To make changes to those, either use the method below, or call our Contact Center.

Make the change by mail or fax

To mail or fax your change of address, print out the change of address form. You may drop off the form at any Langley branch, fax, or mail it to us.

By mail:

Langley Federal Credit Union
Attention: Contact Center
P.O. Box 120128
Newport News, Virginia 23612


By fax:


You must sign your request. No change will be made without a valid signature.