Google Chrome browser fix

We are working to restore compatibility lost by the upgrade from Chrome v.29 to v.30. In the meantime, if you are unable to connect to Langley Online Banking using your Google Chrome browser, the extension "IE Tab" can help.

1)   Go to and enter "ie tab" in the search box.

Image 1

2)   Make sure the results are filtered by "Extensions".

Image 2

3)   Add to your chrome browser "IE Tab from" by clicking the "+ FREE" button.

Image 3

4)   When you click the "+ FREE" button, the following pop-up box will appear, click "Add" to proceed.

Image 4

5)   After adding the IE tab extension, a documentation page will appear. When it does, close the browser.

Image 5

6)   Reopen Google Chrome, and you will find an IE icon to the right of the address bar.

Image 6

6)   Click on the IE icon and a second address bar will appear. Type in to access Langley Online Banking.

Image 7

Download IE Tab at the Google chrome web store.