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L@ngley Link provides immediate access to your accounts at Langley Federal Credit Union with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse.

Take advantage of L@ngley Link to check your balances, transfer funds, and monitor your checks and debit card point-of-purchase transactions as they clear — all without additional software.

For Member Account Access

Select one:

I have never applied for L@ngley Link access before.

I forgot my password or I'm locked out of my account.

I forgot my Member Number or I haven't received it yet.
If you have not received a Member Number, please wait until you receive it before applying for L@ngley Link. Your Member Number is needed for verification when processing enrollments.

If you do not remember your Member Number, you will need to visit an LFCU branch or call the Contact Center for instructions.

L@ngley Link for Businesses

Business owners must apply for access to L@ngley Link or CHIPS by visiting one of our convenient branch locations. You'll quickly obtain your login information, and our friendly staff will happily show you how to get started with all our eServices.