Help with Langley Online Banking passwords


If you can't remember your password, please call the Contact Center. The Contact Center can reset your password over the phone.


  1. Only the prime member on an account can change the password.

  2. Temporary passwords assigned by the Contact Center are uppercase.

  3. Uppercase letters are different than lowercase letters.

  4. Your new password must contain 6 to 32 characters.

  5. Your new password can contain a mixture of numbers and letters.

  6. Your new password can contain uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case letters.

Helpful Tips

  • Longer passwords are more secure than shorter passwords.
  • Words are easier to remember than just random letters. Try picking a memorable word and adding a few numbers before and/or after it.
  • Make sure that your Security Image and Password are not the same.
  • Having your caps lock on may produce an invalid login if your password includes any lowercase letters.
  • For the protection of members' information, accounts are locked after five unsuccessful attempts.
  • To unlock your account, you must personally visit a branch or call the Contact Center.
  • You can access Langley Telephone Banking by using your numeric Telephone Banking PIN.
  • Never tell anyone your password.