Langley Federal Credit Union Donates $5,000 to Space Center

Media Inquiries Kelli Ragland, Vice President of Marketing

NEWPORT NEWS, VA – Langley Federal Credit Union donated $5,000 to the Virginia Air & Space Center located in Hampton, VA. The contribution will be used for the Center\'s STEM and other educational programs.

"We are honored to receive support from Langley Federal Credit Union. The Virginia Air & Space Center continues to be the leader in STEM education in Hampton Roads because of support from donors like Langley," Stated Executive Director/CEO Robert Griesmer.

In 2016 the Virginia Air & Space Center welcomed four traveling exhibits, including the current exhibit MathAlive!, the Center spread STEM education to all visitors this summer with our STEM Public Engagement program and offered exclusive opportunities to visitors to explore the NASA Robotics Laboratory. Over 55,000 students from all over Hampton Roads visited throughout the year. The Center will continue to work with students across Hampton Roads through their Opportunity Program and research study, STEM 360.