Round-up Program Saves Credit Union Members $110,000

Media Inquiries Kelli Ragland, Vice President of Marketing

Since the Spend 'n' Save program's launch in April, 2017, Langley Federal Credit Union members have saved $110,000 simply by using their debit cards. The Spend 'n' Save Debit Card program was designed to promote wise savings habits to Langley members with checking accounts. The program essentially turns their debit card into an instant savings tool with every purchase by rounding up any debit card purchase to the nearest dollar and automatically transferring that amount to a savings account.

"We recognized how difficult it can be for members to simply start a savings program," stated Senior Vice President Deb Vollmer. "For those who use their Debit cards, this tool has made it much easier to save."

For more information on the Langley Spend 'n' Save program, call 800-826-7490, visit any branch location or visit Langley online at