Spend 'n' Save

The more you use your debit card for purchases, the more you can save.

Ready to ratchet up your savings? Sign up for Spend 'n' Save and turn your debit card into an automatic savings tool with every debit purchase.

Now you can enjoy effortless savings.

Spend 'n' Save turns your debit card into a savings tool by rounding up any debit card purchase to the nearest dollar and transferring the difference to your savings account.
All of your Spend 'n' Save amounts from each of your purchases are added up at the end of the day and then transferred to your savings account.
In Online Banking, Mobile Banking and on your statements, your debit card purchases appear as usual with their exact amounts. You will see a Spend 'n' Save transfer from your checking to your savings account each day for the total amount you saved by automatically rounding up all your debit card purchases.

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If you already have a debit card with your Langley checking account just call 757-827-5328 or 800-826-7490 or sign up for Spend 'n' Save online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in Spend 'n' Save you just need a Langley checking account and a debit card. Simply call our Contact Center at (757) 827-5328, ,visit any Langley branch, or complete our online form.
Spend 'n' Save transfers take place at the end of the business day on which your purchase posts to your checking account. If the transaction posts late at night, the round up may occur the next evening.
You should always verify that your debit card transaction posts for the right amount using Online Banking. How you document the round up is entirely up to you. One suggestion would be to round up the transaction in your records. Another suggestion would be to post the rounded up amount in a single entry each day. The choice is yours to determine how you want to handle that. Review your accounts regularly and keep receipts until you verify that correct purchase amounts were posted.
Debit card purchases will be posted to your account for the exact amounts and will appear on your statement as they always have. The round up amount will post in a lump sum at the end of each day with the words "Spend and Save Transfer" in your checking account and "Spend and Save Deposit" in your savings account.
Yes, these transactions should round up the same way your other debit card transactions do.
No, all debit cards attached to a checking account will participate in the Spend 'n' Save program once at least one of you enrolls the account.

A daily Spend 'n' Save transfer will not occur in the following situations:

  • The entire amount of the daily transfer is not available and the transfer would create a negative balance.
  • A negative balance already exists.
If your debit card transaction is immediately reversed, no Spend 'n' Save transfer will occur. However, if you return an item after the transaction is completed, the Spend 'n Save transfer will post based on the original purchase amount.
No, there is no limit on the amount or number of Spend 'n' Save transfers.
You can view your Spend 'n Save transfers from your checking to your savings in Online Banking, Mobile Banking and on your monthly statements. We will even provide a chart on your statement to track your success with the program.
Spend 'n' Save transfers money to only one primary savings account.
If the receiving Spend 'n' Save savings account is changed, any pending Spend 'n' Save transfers scheduled to go to the original savings account will transfer as expected to the new savings account.
If you wish to stop participating in Spend 'n' Save or change your savings account deposit, simply call our Contact Center at (757) 827-5328, or visit any Langley branch to cancel your enrollment.
You may only transfer to the primary savings account under your member number.