The Langley Visa Debit Card

A Debit Card is like having a plastic check

With your Langley Visa Debit Card, you can get quick cash, buy groceries, fill up your gas tank, shop online, dine at your favorite restaurant, and more.

Order Your Debit Card Now

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Best of all, we have no monthly debit card fees! Each time you use it, the amount is automatically deducted from your Checking account. In fact, it's better. Your Visa Debit card is accepted at places where your check may not be.

Debit Card Advantages

  • More accurate spending records.
  • Your Checking account statement lists point of purchase information instead of just a check number.
  • No more fumbling to write a check. Just swipe your card and the check is written.
  • More convenient — No worrying about who has the checkbook. Your Debit card is your checkbook.
  • Dual use — Your Debit card can be used to withdraw money at the ATM.

Learn more

Read more about the Langley Debit Card, including its unique security features, and how to use it at ATMs and merchant terminals.

What the new card looks like

The card has flat numbering and lettering with a film over the top for protection. The flat lettering makes it easier to read.
The EMV chip is embedded in the card for added security. No film covers the chip.
Langley CHIP cards are not NFC or contactless cards which can be scanned from your pocket or wallet.

Why is the EMV CHIP technology better?

Information is stored in a secure chip embedded in the card, rather than on a magnetic strip, making it difficult to counterfeit.
Encrypted data in the chip is authenticated during the transaction.
Each transaction is unique, due to the chip.

How to use the card at a Langley ATM