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Life is Better with Savings

Purchasing your dream home, buying your first car, or saving for unexpected events all have a common theme. They require savings and recent studies show the average American just isn't able to save. At Langley, we are on a mission to change that trend. Let us help you save by joining the Save with Langley Challenge!

Save with Langley is a focused initiative to help members reach their financial goals in 2020. To start, we ask that you join the hundreds of members and Langley employees taking the pledge to save this year! The key to success is incremental savings.

Those who take the pledge will receive a personalized commitment certificate, a shareable social media image, have access to free financial educational material, and much more!

Take the pledge!

We want our members to beat the statistics and reach their financial goals this year, will you join us? Take the pledge today!

Take The Pledge!

Save for What Matters to You

Maybe your goal is to gain a higher education or prepare to grow your family. Langley is here with the best services to help you save and put your hard earned money back in your pocket!

Our Vision is to improve our members lives' by helping them Save, Borrow, and Spend wisely.

How Can I Save with Langley?

  • Setup a recurring transfer from your payroll to savings each payday.
  • LangleyPays Checking Rewards - Earn 10 cents back on all debit card transactions each month with rewards paid to your savings.
  • Cash Back VISA - Earn monthly cash back on what you purchase. The Signature Cash Back VISA cash rewards are applied to your savings each month.
  • 10% Rebate Program — Each month, 10% of the interest paid on your qualifying auto or personal loan will be deposited into your primary Langley savings account.

  • Spend’n’Save - Grow your savings while shopping. We’ll round your debit purchases to the nearest dollar and move the change into your savings each day.
  • Member Referral - With no limit to how much you can earn, refer friends or family to open a qualified account and we’ll deposit $30 to your savings.
  • Save with U-Win Savings - Transferring $25 each month to this account enters you into a drawing for $250!
  • Save the Change – Deposit the change from your checks directly into your savings account.

Set up a meeting with our staff to discuss more ways you can save.

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We understand that taking part in this pledge is not binding. Though, it is in your best interest to fulfill the pledged amount in the commit certificate to reach desired goal.