Skip-a-Payment Information

Langley is advancing due dates for the following Langley loans: Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Personal Lines of Credit, Boat Loans, and Recreational Vehicle Loans. This means your monthly payments that are due in April will now be due in May*.

If you have already made your April monthly payment—that's okay. The advancement of the due date will allow you to skip your next payment.

There is no fee associated with skipping a payment. However, interest on your loan will continue to accrue, so if you don't wish to skip a payment, simply keep paying as normal. There is no need to call, this has all been automated and does not require a Langley team member to intervene.

For the Langley VISA credit card Skip-a-Payment option, you must call Card Services at 888-918-7812 to skip April's payment. May's payment will be automatically skipped and show a $0 balance due on your statement*.

Please direct all questions to Card Services at 888-918-7812.

Automatic Payments - Action Required

If you have an automatic payment set up outside of Langley, please contact that financial institution to pause payments. If you have a scheduled transfer in Online Banking, you must update your 'Scheduled Transfer' list within Online Banking.

If Langley set up an automatic payment for you, please send us a secure message through Online Banking or email us at [email protected] to request to pause payments.

For more information on these programs, schedule a phone appointment with a branch financial services representative through the Appointment Concierge. To stay up-to-date on our operations, please visit

*Interest will still accrue on these loans. To the extent your loan obligation was discharged but not reaffirmed in a bankruptcy under Title 11 of the United States Code, or is subject to an automatic stay of bankruptcy, the information in this communication is for regulatory compliance and/or informational purposes only and does not constitute a demand for payment in violation of the automatic stay or discharge injunction or an attempt to impose personal liability for such obligation.