Svpeng malware

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Svpeng malware targeting Android devices

"Svpeng" is the name for a new SMS (text messaging) Trojan malware that has recently been identified within the USA. This malware reportedly targets Android mobile devices.

What does it do?

Svpeng uses texting messages to get the unwary user to download or connect to a website which installs malicious code. Among the things the code can do is scan the victim's device looking for financial applications. It then blocks or freezes the device with a fake FBI warning message, and a demand for payment.

This code is reportedly unstoppable once the victim's mobile device is infected.

What can you do to defend against this attack?

The best defense against the Svpeng malware is to prevent it from entering your mobile device. Start by having an active security solution on your phone before it is attacked.

What are the steps to protect against the attack?

Avoid becoming a victim by recognizing the Phishing or Smishing attack, and resisting the temptation to click any links to an unfamiliar website, or invitations to download anything from an unfamiliar source.

Anti-virus and browser protection

Install and use anti-virus software and browser protection tools as allowed by most Android devices.

While there is no absolute guarantee to prevent this attack from infecting your mobile device, you are certainly better protected if you, as an informed owner of the mobile device, take every reasonable precaution to protect it and its contents.

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