For Parents

This website was created for your child's financial learning and entertainment. It presents many different features including contests, articles, games, and financial concepts. Below is a brief description of each section:

Play, Learn, and more

These sites are specifically designed for children of all age groups. They focus on age appropriate material on financial topics, and also includes stories, games, and calculators.

Supersaver's Featured Articles

These featured articles are selected from the websites in "Play, Learn, and more" section. The topics range from cool hobbies to learning how to make money.

Youth Accounts

If your child does not currently have an account with Langley, you can open one for them at the branch nearest to you by simply providing a picture ID with proof of your name, current address, social security number (SSN card) and date of birth. For your child, please provide their social security card and date of birth.

If your child is under the age of eleven, Langley will deposit the first $5 to their savings account.

Club Benefits

When a child opens up an account at Langley Federal Credit Union, they are automatically part of the "Constellation Club." As members of the Constellation Club, they have certain benefits such as free admission to local museums, free gifts, and much more.