Holiday Savings Account

Save Money for Your Holiday Shopping.

Do you find it hard to discipline yourself to save money throughout the year for the holiday shopping season? Set up automatic deposits to your Holiday Savings account to build towards your holiday goal.

All it takes is $5.00 to start saving towards a debt-free holiday. Imagine a January spent without dreading the arrival of your credit card statements!

Frequently Asked Questions About Holiday Savings Accounts

Is there a minimum balance on the Holiday Savings account?

The minimum to open a Holiday Savings account is $5.00.

How do I set up automatic deposits to my Holiday Savings account?

Certainly! Deposits can be made in different ways based on your preferences.

Can I withdraw money from my Holiday Savings account?

Withdrawals are allowed during the last quarter of the year.

Are my funds insured?

Yes! Funds deposited at Langley are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). To learn more about how your funds are insured, visit