Create a Savings Goal

Set, Track, and Achieve Your Savings Dreams

Are you looking to save for a special occasion, a dream vacation, or just want to build your emergency fund? Setting a savings goal in Langley’s Digital Banking is an effective way to turn those aspirations into reality.

What is a Savings Goal in Digital Banking?

A Savings Goal in digital banking is a feature that allows you to set aside a specific amount of money for a specific purpose, within a set timeframe. This tool helps you visually track your progress, making saving less of a chore and more of an exciting journey towards achieving your financial milestones.

Improve Your Financial Life

  • Visualize Your Goals: By setting up a savings goal, you can see exactly how close you are to reaching your target, keeping you motivated and on track.
  • Stay Organized: Manage multiple savings goals simultaneously – be it for a new car, a home renovation, or your child's education.
  • Automatic Tracking: The system automatically updates your progress as you move money into your savings account, making it easy to stay on top of your goals.
  • Flexible and Customizable: Adjust your goals as your financial situation changes. You can change the amount, the target date, or even the purpose of the savings.

Set Up Your Savings Goal

Ready to start saving? Follow these simple steps to set up your savings goal:

1 Log in to Digital Banking
Step 1 Login
2 Click the 'Create a Savings Goal' button to begin
Create Savings Goal
3 Choose the account you wish to save to
4 Click the dropdown and select what you are saving for
5 Fill in the 'Amount' field with the total sum you aim to save
Savings goal
6 Click the dropdown to select your target date
7 View Your New Savings Goal in Digital Banking
Savings Goal Tile